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Michelin-starred Indian Fine Dining Restaurant Gymkhana Closed Due To Massive Fire.

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Gymkhana restaurant fire

Footage from the scene showed smoke pouring from the Gymkhana building on Albemarle Street. A spokesperson for JKS Restaurants, which owns the site, confirmed nobody was harmed in the incident and the fire was extinguished three hours after it was reported.

While the incident was ongoing a London Fire Brigade (LFB) spokesperson said that “part of the ground floor restaurant and part of the ducting – the ventilation system – from ground floor to roof level” had been “alight.” It later confirmed that half of the ground-floor restaurant was damaged by the fire.

The restaurant is now temporarily closed and will not accept bookings for the time being.

A spokesperson for JKS said: “At this stage, the cause of the fire is not yet known, however, we would like to reassure the public that all staff and diners are safe. We are working with the London Fire Department to minimize all damage and prioritize the safety of the public and the surrounding area.

“At this time, we would like to thank the public and the London Fire Departments for their support and cooperation during this series of events.

“Currently, Gymkhana is not taking further reservations and all existing bookings are being retrospectively rescheduled and re-booked at other JKS Restaurants and partner venues to minimize further disruption.”

The interior of the site has become as notable as its cuisine, with the Hardens London restaurant guide 2019 giving praise for its “sophisticated interior design” and “old-style colonial cuisine”. The Michelin guide 2019 also noted its “interior… full of wonderful detail and plenty of wry touches”.

The site is one of several operated by JKS Restaurants, owned by siblings Jyotin, Karam and Sunaina Sethi. The other restaurants within the group include including Lyle’s (one Michelin star), Sabor (one Michelin star), Kitchen Table (two Michelin stars), Bubbledogs, Bao, Xu, and Berenjak.

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What Every Restaurant Owner Should Know

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kitchen grease fire

Many restaurant owners don’t know what is considered a properly cleaned kitchen exhaust system. More often than not, they are unaware that simply having a certificate of cleaning is enough to keep them out of trouble with authorities if a grease fire occurs.

Here are two of the most common questions restaurant owners have about kitchen exhaust cleaning.

1. What is considered clean?
The industry standard is “clean to bare metal”. NFPA 96 states that the grease inside of a restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system must be reduced to a minimum of .002 inches.

2. How often should a kitchen exhaust system be cleaned?
This varies based on cooking volume, but every restaurant should have set schedule for regular cleanings by certified and trained KECs. Consult NFPA 96 to view the official guidelines.

View answers to more commonly asked questions here.

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