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4 Cities. 4 Costly Grease Fires That Could Have Been Prevented.

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Grease fires are all too common in the restaurant industry and often the result of improper cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems. In the span of just a few days, four major restaurants experienced fires that could have been easily prevented. The consequences of improperly cleaned kitchen exhaust systems result in tragedies like these. These tragedies are preventable. Always hire certified kitchen exhaust cleaners (KECs) who work closely with AHJs to ensure your system is clean, up to code, and regularly maintained.

Grease fire hazards can be reduced when a restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system has been properly cleared of grease, not just from the hood, but throughout the entire system. If you are a facility manager or restaurant owner, always make sure to have your system regularly cleaned by certified kitchen exhaust cleaning technicians. Locate an IKECA Certified KEC with this tool.

Spokane Valley, WA – A popular Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant called Three Sisters had a grease fire that sparked $35,000 in damages just after 11am. According to NFPA, restaurant fires peak between 10-11am. Everyone inside was safely evacuated. The kitchen staff had fired up the wok and left it unattended. Flames shot up into the hood which caused leftover grease to ignite in the exhaust vent.

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Portsmouth, NH – Local favorite State Street Saloon was completely destroyed in a massive five alarm fire. The fire even spread to a nearby apartment complex, displacing 17 residents – some of which had to be rescued. The saloon collapsed and all that remains of the ventilation duct are twisted and charred pieces. Firefighters from 50 departments responded to the fire. The cause is still being investigated.

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Miamisburg, OH – Early in the morning this past Wednesday, the staff inside a Miamisburg Burger King were evacuated when a grease fire erupted and quickly spread to the hood ventilation system. Firefighters were able to extinguish the flames before they engulfed the restaurant’s attic. The restaurant underwent extensive cleaning and inspection before reopening.

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Poor kitchen exhaust system maintenance isn’t exclusive to the US. This last fire happened overseas.

London, England – Three people were rescued when built up grease in Mantra Restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system caused a fire. The blaze spread to the building itself and took firefighters an hour to extinguish. A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade said, “Restaurant and take-away owners should always take care to make sure their kitchen exhaust systems are kept clean as a build-up of fat and grease within the filters can lead to a fire.”

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