Member Spotlight: Airways Cleaning & Fireproofing Co.

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By Tim Greene, CECS, CESI and Joe Jacobs, CESI

1. How and where did your company start?

Tim Greene started in Fort Lauderdale, FL with his mother in 1975.

2. What area does your company service?

We cover the east coast of South Florida, from Fort Pierce to Key West, and west to Naples. We are looking to expand to Orlando in the near future.

3. What does your company stand for?

Doing the right job for the customer or not doing it at all. We will not do half jobs.

4. How did you get started in the KEC industry?

Tim Greene: After graduating college, I worked for Airways Cleaning in PA., then migrated south and was allowed to continue using the same name.
Joe Jacobs: I was trying to sell commercial-industrial real estate in Long Island during the Jimmy Carter Presidency, but 22% interest rates prevented success. I was introduced to Long Island Duct Cleaning Company and the rest is history.

5. What surprised you most when you started in the KEC industry?

Tim Greene: I was surprised by the lack of quality service providers.
Joe Jacobs: Before starting in the KEC industry, I did not know a duct (duck) did not have feathers.

6. How did you get your passion for KEC and describe your passion for the industry in words?

After learning that the KEC industry was really about fire prevention, I knew that I was doing worthwhile work to help protect the public.

7. How did you go about making the quality control changes that brought your company to where it is today?

  • Taking good pictures and reviewing them for problem areas
  • Sending notices of hazardous conditions and inaccessible areas to alert customers of problem areas
  • Following up for customer satisfaction

8. What were some of your goals that IKECA helped you to achieve and how did IKECA help you to achieve them?

We have learned a lot about ventilation, grease fires and fire prevention.

9. What do you think is the greatest value of being an IKECA member?

Having a forum to discuss problems and industry issues while gaining continuous education in the field.

10. What would you most want to say to the AHJs about our industry?

Seek out the educational opportunities of IKECA and the help of IKECA members to help achieve fire safety standards in the food service industry.

11. What would you most want to say to the restaurants about our industry?

Cheap hood cleaning companies are actually more expensive than you might think with what the increased costs of mechanical breakdowns, repairs and increased fire hazards can cost.

12. What is your favorite hobby?

Tim Greene: Golf
Joe Jacobs: Golf and fishing

E-News Edition: March 2015 : Airways Cleaning & Fireproofing Co.