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Member Spotlight: Chemiclene

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By Thomas Daum, President

1. How and where did your company start?

My grandfather started the company in Jersey City in 1954.

2. What area does your company service?
New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

3.  What does your company stand for?
Hard work and fair pricing.

4. How did you get started in the KEC industry?
Kitchen exhaust cleaning is work we have always done for some of our bigger clients and we branched out from there.

5. What did you do in your prior life before KEC?
Our company has also always cleaned HVAC systems.

6. What surprised you most when you started in the KEC industry?
The large amount of companies which are in the industry.

7. How did you get your passion for KEC and describe your passion for the industry in words?
My passion developed from helping the commercial industries that need this type of service. My passion is in developing good relationships with our clients.

8. How did you go about making the quality control changes that brought your company to where it is today?
In recent years, our technicians use their field experience and work with a safety consultant to plan each specific job to be done as safely, efficiently and quickly as possible. This ultimately saves us, as well as our clients, time and money. It also allows us to make sure that our employees are always up to date with training and any new safety regulations from OSHA that affect our field. I find that the extra cost of a safety consultant makes our customers feel more comfortable with us. I highly recommend that small businesses hire a safety consultant.

9. What were some of your goals that IKECA helped you to achieve and how did IKECA help you achieve them?
A goal that IKECA helped us to achieve was having the ability as a company to solve any unusual or unique problems for our customers within a job. Whether it’s the IKECA Journal or talking to other members at conferences, we have been able to solve these problems. Another goal that IKECA helped us to achieve is bringing in new business. New customers have called after getting our information from the IKECA website. IKECA allows legitimate businesses within our industry to compete on different, and obviously, better terms than fly-by-night operations.

10. What do you think is the greatest value of being an IKECA member?
Having an organization to lean on for advice, instruction, etc.

11. What would you most want to say to the AHJs about our industry?

Newsletters and seminars are very vital to the industry, especially to newcomers just starting out.

12. What would you most want to say to the restaurants about our industry?

Ours is a service that is needed for your business.

13. What is your favorite hobby?

Golf and spending time with friends.