Politics Wasn’t The Only Thing Heating Up At the RNC in Cleveland.

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A grease fire at the CNN Grill, AKA Harry Buffalo, caused Cleveland firefighters and crews to flock to Prospect Avenue and E. 4th Street on the first day of last week’s Republican National Convention (RNC). An IKECA member, who provides other mechanical services to this restaurant strongly recommended the restaurant owners professionally clean their kitchen exhaust system in preparation for the big event.


The restaurant owners choose other options instead. A grease fire broke out, and CNN Grill had to shut down for one day. In addition to minor damage, lost revenue during such a busy time only made the situation worse. Fortunately, the CNN Grill fire was contained to the source (an appliance) and luckily not more extensive. Unfortunately, fires often happen at the most unexpected time and in this case, it happened at the RNC in the National Spot Light


It is critical to remember that grease fires can start in appliances as well as on them if the hood and kitchen exhaust system have grease build up.


Thankfully no one was injured in the CNN Grill fire, but in reality, grease fires can be deadly. One lesson learned from the fire should be, “With regularly scheduled professional cleaning and system maintenance grease fires can be prevented.”


IKECA shares this story to educate restaurant owners, Facility Managers, and the public about the risks of improper kitchen exhaust system maintenance and the peace of mind gained by choosing an IKECA professional for the job.


Professionals with IKECA Certification demonstrate a high level of knowledge of the codes and standards pertinent to the industry and all are required to sign a Code of Conduct to help ensure the highest degree of professionalism and ethics. IKECA members are also required to complete Continuing Education to maintain their certification.


The takeaway? Always Choose IKECA professionals when cleaning a kitchen exhaust system.


They do it right.